caroline_portraitCaroline Kleindienst, MA, RSMT is a registered somatic movement therapist, expressive arts practitioner, and artist living on Maui, Hawaii.

About me:

My inquiry into the awakening awareness of my body began in my childhood. Through creative movement, drawing, and creative writing I found myself intuitively building a safe container with the tools of art in my early years that helped me to hold the stories and challenges of my life.

Deeper communication between body, mind, and spirit became a tool to connect to the wisdom of my body. Unveiling this deep wisdom, asking for guidance and support through movement and creative expression has become a guiding principle in my life since.

I feel passionate about serving the needs of individuals, groups, and the greater community through building bridges between body, psyche, and spirit. My intention is to create a safe space to support my clients in exploring the stories and rhythms of their life. Each one of us holds a personal mythology, a story, which is stored in our memories, thoughts, muscles, and bones. To access and integrate those stories I use the tools of somatic therapy (from the Greek soma: through the body), expressive arts therapy, and techniques from indigenous traditions.

“Whenever I participate in individual sessions and workshop settings with Caroline, I am impressed by her skill. Her combination of intuition and caring professionalism dependably lead me to a place of inner stillness and knowing. She has offered me guidance in times of great emotional and health challenges, and though a little intimidated by activities new to me such as drawing, expressing an emotion through movement or assembling a poem, I have responded readily, delighted and surprised by the treasures that emerged. I am grateful to her for giving me a deeper view of myself and new tools for accessing the source. “ Janice Price, Teacher, Seattle, WA

I have been engaged in the expressive healing arts for 20 years and hold a masters degree from the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria. I run a private practice as a somatic movement therapist, specializing in trauma, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, chronic illness, chronic pain, and life transitions.

An Austrian native, I have been living and working in various cultures and traditions, including Europe, Southern Africa, North America, and Hawaii, using the awareness of the moving body and its expression in life and art. I have witnessed the healing power of movement and artistic expression in many different settings and feel passionate about guiding individuals and groups to discover and manifest their authentic selves.

„Caroline possesses a kindness, warmth and clarity that she brings to her work – and life. She has used adverse life experiences as training grounds for working with her own somatic-expressive resources in a conscious, fearless way. Consequently, her soma has truly been the laboratory for healing on many levels, and her direct experience has contributed to her wisdom and empathy as a practitioner. “ Jamie McHugh, RSMT, Creator of Somatic Expression