I am a registered somatic movement therapist through ISMETA (International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association) and a certified Tamalpa Practitioner (movement-based expressive arts therapy and education).

The word therapy is from the Greek word therapeia, meaning to care, to carry, to hold, to support . My goal in my sessions is to create a safe space to help my clients discover their inborn strengths and capacities and bring them into expression in their lives. Healing and reclaiming the wisdom of the physical body, as well as the emotional and spiritual self, is a guiding principle in my work.

I have supported clients with many challenges, including trauma, depression and anxiety, relationship issues, high sensitivity, grief and loss, life-threatening illness, chronic pain, recovery from addiction, cross-cultural challenges, and life transitions.

“Caroline facilitated my process in the most expert and helpful ways. I felt truly seen and understood by her, as she provided a strong container for me to connect to — and work with — deep parts of my psyche and my body. She provided experiences that were healing, meaningful, empowering, and even sacred for me. Her wonderful ability to firmly, gently, respectfully, and intuitively tailor and guide my sessions with her, left me in awe of her gifts and abilities. “ Adam S., Seattle, WA

„Caroline creates a very intimate atmosphere with her clients. You instantly can find yourself in her working methods which was working with sound in my case. She took me on a mystical travel through my soul. After one session I could understand my present situation and I could already embrace what the future will bring.“ Margareta M., Vienna, Austria

My intention as a facilitator for my sessions is to incorporate my knowledge and training into the resources of my personality to be a trusted guide, and to offer support and encouragement.

My approach combines different modalities which build the foundation for each session:

  • The somatic approach (from the Greek soma: through the body) includes tools of working with movement, stillness, breath, and sound to help the client connect to the here and now, and return to the body and the self. Somatic movement describes movement that is sensed and shaped from within, rather than from without. My goal is to give the client further resources and practical somatic tools. This helps to offer nourishment, restore safety and belonging, relieves anxiety, and reduce trauma and tension stored in the nervous system.
  • The intermodal arts model of the Tamalpa work, developed by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, offers a very powerful dialogue between movement, drawing, and creative writing. This approach gives the client the possibility of letting unconscious material arise and come into consciousness past the barrier of our rational world views, and of listening deeply to the wisdom of the body. Through this process life themes and challenges can be identified, confronted, and released in a creative way so change and growth can happen.
  • The ritual aspect of my work invites clients to focus on the dialogue within their indigenous souls. Through holding space for performance rituals, personal rituals, and ceremonies, I invite my clients to look deeper at themselves and their environment and bring more sacredness into their lives.

I am available to meet with clients in my office on Maui or online via Skype. Sessions are offered in English and German.

“It is from Caroline’s own creative spirit that she is able to hold others in their creative genius. That is what she did for me. Not only did Caroline provide a container, she also gave me tools for becoming my own container, for becoming an artist who is not only able to be in spontaneity, but also able to plan and structure a foundation for expression, and ultimately, for wholeness. Caroline was invaluable as an artistic coach for a creative project I was working on. She has the skill to marry personal process work and healing with creation and productivity. “ Ahjo Sipowicz, Artist and teacher of Somatic Earth Practices, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I had the pleasure of working with Caroline in several sessions, and her understanding of human nature and deep knowledge of body wisdom helped me transform my energies that had not been expressed into resources from which I can draw in daily life. In every session, I reached some kind of realization, insight, or sometimes, joy of expressing myself safely. Caroline not only holds safe space for a client, but also truly appreciates and respects everyone’s unique journey. Her suggestions that come from a wide range of her studies and experiences with body wisdom showed courses that I might not have taken if I was working by myself. Most of all, I had great fun working with her! To add, her humor lightens up one’s journey in a great way.” Yoriko Grimes, Maui, Hawaii 

Pay online:

Individual Session 60 minutes

Family Constellation Session 90 minutes