Lava Rock, Sand, Ocean- Conversations with the Natural Environment. A Dance Exploration in Nature 

“The interface between our human ways and the ways of nature are integrated. Just as ancients danced upon the spirits in nature, we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselves that have long been buried and forgotten”. Anna Halprin

Join me on a journey to connect deeper with the elements of the natural environment using somatic movement, expressive arts, and somatic meditation. Open your sensory mind and listen to the wisdom of your body in nature.

Bring untold stories alive through connecting with your creativity. Explore, nurture, and meet yourself as nature.

When:Saturday, February 18th 2017. 9am till 12:00 noon

Where: Kanaha Beach Park, Maui, HI

Fee: $45

No previous experience required. Space is limited. To register and for further information please contact Caroline or call +1 808 280 6409