Movement starts with breath. Breath is movement. Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance.

At this online class series we will focus on the wisdom of our breathing body, attending to  breath, sound, movement, and self contact. The exploration of our internal sensations will guide us to our creative response in the outside world, using movement, drawing, and creative writing to ground our experience.

At this powerful practice you will gain new tools to connect to the here and now, return to stillness, the body and the self. It will support you in finding new resources to nourish yourself, restore safety and belonging, relieve anxiety, as well as reduce tension in the nervous system. This online class will inspire and deepen your creative voice, and unleash the power of your creative energy.

The Meditation series is based on Embodied Mindfulness, a Stillness practice created by Jamie McHugh. Embodied Mindfulness is a contemporary approach to traditional meditation practices. For more info:

When: Saturday August 5th , 12th, 19th, 26h // 9- 11am Hawaii, noon- 2pm West Coast, 3-5pm East Coast, 9- 11pm Europe
Where: Online

Fee: $120

No previous experience required. Space is limited.

For further details and to reserve your spot please contact Caroline or call + 1 808 280 6409

Caroline Kleindienst, MA, RSMT is a life long student of movement and stillness. She has been studying Embodied Mindfulness with Jamie McHugh since 2013, teaching this stillness practice at various workshops, retreats, and private sessions. Caroline is a registered somatic movement therapist, expressive arts practitioner, and artist. She runs a private practice on Maui, HI working with individuals and groups.

The Creative Breath. A Somatic Meditation Online Class Series. Fee $ 120